Bibimbap in Korean: 비빔밥’s meaning and pronunciation

Bibimbap in Korean, 비빔밥 meaningBibimbap in Korean is 비빔밥. For examples, you can use like [돌솥 비빔밥, 산채 비빔밥]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 비빔밥 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
비빔밥 noun 비빔빱

비빔밥 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
bibimbap Rice topped with sliced meat, mushrooms, eggs, seasoned vegetables, some seasonings, etc., of which all the ingredients are stirred before eating.


돌솥 비빔밥.
dolsot bibimbab.
산채 비빔밥.
Wild Vegetable Bibimbap.


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