Center in Korean: 가운데’s meaning and pronunciation

Center in Korean, 가운데 meaningCenter in Korean is 가운데. For examples, you can use like [강 가운데, 길 가운데]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 가운데 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
가운데 noun 가운데

가운데 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
center; middle A point that is almost equally distant from all ends of an object or within a space.


강 가운데.
in the middle of the river.
길 가운데.
in the middle of the road.
어머니는 밥상 가운데에 찌개를 올려 놓으셨다.
Mother put the stew in the middle of her table.
공연을 잘 보기 위해 우리는 가운데 자리에 앉았다.
To get a good view of the show, we sat in the middle.


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