Dress Shirt in Korean: 와이셔츠’s meaning and pronunciation

Dress Shirt in Korean, 와이셔츠 meaningDress Shirt in Korean is 와이셔츠. For examples, you can use like [기성 와이셔츠, 맞춤 와이셔츠]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 와이셔츠 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
와이셔츠 noun ▼←white shirt▼←white shirt 0

와이셔츠 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
dress shirt A shirt with a collar and sleeves, which is worn under a suit jacket.


기성 와이셔츠.
ready-made shirts.
맞춤 와이셔츠.
Custom shirts.


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