More in Korean: 더욱’s meaning and pronunciation

More in Korean, 더욱 meaningMore in Korean is 더욱. For examples, you can use like [더욱 강하다, 더욱 공부하다]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 더욱 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
더욱 adverb 더욱

더욱 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
more; further To a greater degree; more severely.


더욱 강하다.
더욱 공부하다.
study more
앞으로 시장 개방이 확대되면 국내 시장 경쟁은 더욱 가열될 것이다.
As market opening expands in the future, competition in the domestic market will intensify.
노동 시간은 더욱 길어진 반면 임금은 전보다 낮아져서 노동자들은 사장에게 항의를 했다.
Working hours were longer and wages were lower than before, so workers complained to the boss.


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