Opposite Side in Korean: 건너편’s meaning and pronunciation

Opposite Side in Korean, 건너편 meaningOpposite Side in Korean is 건너편. For examples, you can use like [건너편 거리, 건너편 골목]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 건너편 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
건너편 noun 건너 便건너 便 건ː너편

건너편 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
opposite side The side on the opposite side, across something.


건너편 거리.
across the street.
건너편 골목.
across the street.
이 강은 다리를 건너야만 건너편에 갈 수 있다.
This river can only be reached by crossing a bridge.
나는 지하철 방향을 잘못 알아서 건너편으로 건너가서 다시 탔다.
I took the wrong direction for the subway, so I crossed over to the other side and got on again.


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