Point in Korean: 가리키다’s meaning and pronunciation

Point in Korean, 가리키다 meaningPoint in Korean is 가리키다. For examples, you can use like [가리키는 곳, 가리키며 설명하다]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 가리키다 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
가리키다 verb 가리키다

가리키다 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
point; gesture; indicate To point a finger or some other thing in a certain direction or toward a certain object to let others recognize it.


가리키는 곳.
where it points.
가리키며 설명하다.
point out and explain
범인을 찾는 형사의 질문에 민준은 말없이 손으로 뒷문을 가리켰다.
At the detective’s question of finding the criminal, Min-jun silently pointed to the back door with his hand.
안내원은 화장실을 찾는 손님에게 턱으로 화장실 쪽을 가리킬 뿐이었다.

The receptionist only pointed to the toilet with his chin at the guest looking for the toilet.

How to Conjugate 가리키다

①Formal High (합니다체)

Present    가리킵니다
Past    가리켰습니다
Past Perfect    가리켰었습니다
Future    가리킬 것입니다
Condition    가리키겠습니다

②Informal High (해요체)

Present    가리켜요
Past    가리켰어요
Past Perfect    가리켰었어요
Future    가리킬 것이에요
Condition    가리키겠어요

③Informal Low (해체)

Present    가리켜
Past    가리켰어
Past Perfect    가리켰었어
Future    가리킬 것이야
Condition    가리키겠어

④Formal Low (한다체)

Present    가리킨다
Past    가리켰다
Past Perfect    가리켰었다
Future    가리킬 것이다
Condition    가리키겠다


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