Shop in Korean: 가게’s meaning and pronunciation

Shop in Korean, 가게 meaningShop in Korean is 가게. For examples, you can use like [골동품 가게, 과일 가게]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 가게 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
가게 noun 가ː게

가게 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
shop; store A place where products are displayed and sold on a small scale.


골동품 가게.
antique shop.
과일 가게.
fruit shop.
윗동네의 야채 가게는 신선한 야채들을 싼값에 팔아서 손님이 매우 많다.
The vegetable shop in the upper neighborhood sells fresh vegetables at a low price, so there are a lot of customers.
동네 신발 가게에는 마음에 드는 신발이 없어 나는 결국 백화점까지 갔다.
The local shoe store didn’t have the shoes I liked, so I ended up going to the department store.


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