Sometimes in Korean: 가끔’s meaning and pronunciation

Sometimes in Korean, 가끔 meaningSometimes in Korean is 가끔. For examples, you can use like [가끔 이용하다, 가끔 먹었다]. In this post you will learn how to pronounce and use 가끔 along with examples.


Word Part Chinese Sound
가끔 adverb 가끔

가끔 Meaning

Meaning Explanation
sometimes Once in a while.


가끔 이용하다.
use it occasionally
가끔 먹었다.
ate occasionally
나는 술을 거의 마시지 않지만 힘든 일이 있을 때면 가끔 마시곤 한다.
I rarely drink, but I do drink occasionally when I’m having a hard time.
그가 가끔 들르던 서점은 사라지고 대신 그 자리에 옷 가게가 들어서 있었다.
The bookstore he occasionally visited has disappeared, and a clothing store has taken its place.


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